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CapRadio Champions

Capital Public Radio is honored by the support of many individuals throughout our listening area. CapRadio Champions is our opportunity to share their stories.

Marilyn and Jim McCurdyJim and Marilyn McCurdy are Sacramento residents who love classical music and have been Announcer Circle donors since 1995. When talking about how they became donors, Jim said “For the first few years of listening to KXPR, I just listened. I would hear pledge drives and then one day I decided that I had to start supporting KXPR. As time went by, I was able to afford more and found myself in the Leadership Circle. Now, every year on my birthday, I hand deliver my donation, and give myself and my wife the gift of music.”

The McCurdy’s are primarily classical music listeners on the Music Station; however, they do enjoy listening to jazz in the evenings. Donna Apidone, Devin Yamanaka and Carl Watanabe are Jim and Marilyn’s favorite hosts not only because they’re on the programs that they listen to the most, but because of the knowledge each of them have about the music and the information they provide about composers.

Jim says that he started listening to KXPR back in the late seventies. “I was the only one in my office who liked classical music, so I would listen to it on my ride to and from work and on days when my boss was gone.” Music was always a part of the McCurdy family and was a companion to them on their road trips. Jim says Marilyn would always have KXPR on their trips when they were driving in the car.

One of the reasons Marilyn enjoys classical music so much is that she is a musician herself. She has played the piano since she was quite young and still enjoys playing classical and other types of music today. When Marilyn was in elementary school she picked up the cello. She continued on to play in the high school orchestra as well as participating in the Sacramento Junior Symphony.

The McCurdy’s are both happily retired. They have two children and four grandchildren. Marilyn was a school teacher for thirty-two years. Jim worked for the State Department of Food and Agriculture and retired with thirty-seven years of State service. Since retirement, Jim and Marilyn keep themselves busy by going on cruises, traveling to new places, and attending local arts performances.

When asked what some of their favorite trips have been Jim responded “One of our favorite places to go is to Alaska. Alaska has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. We have also been through the Panama Canal and also to the Caribbean several times.”

Jim and Marilyn also enjoy attending the Sacramento Opera and taking day trips to Sonora to attend plays at the Sierra Repertoire Theatre. They are also Shakespeare buffs, “for about the past seven years we have gone to Ashland, Oregon to see the Shakespeare Festival. We go twice a year, seeing three plays in the summer in the Elizabethan Theater and again in the fall for three more in the indoor theaters,” says Jim.

Both Jim and Marilyn agree that they wish there was more classical music played on radio stations. Jim says, “When we go on trips, I try to find classical stations at the destination we are going and any place in-between. This is sometimes very difficult. People don’t know what they are missing. Here we have music that was composed hundreds of years ago and people are missing out on it.” When the McCurdy’s are not listening to Capital Public Radio, they can be found playing classical music CDs and listening to country music. Jim says he likes that the Station has become the larger organization that is now Capital Public Radio. However, to them, it will always be KXPR first and foremost in their hearts and minds.









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